A place for potential cadets to submit their applications to the 51st Bisons! Thing you got the 'stuff' to be a true PVO pilot? Apply now!
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Post by X-man » 23 Jan 2018 21:11

To become a member of the 51st PVO Regiment you must file an application form here!
Please POST in this forum or REPLY to this thread by using the following format:


Flightsim experience:
About yourself:
Why should we accept you:


First and foremost we want ACTIVE cadets, so make sure you have the spare time to fly and be dedicated to squad matters. We have several very capable Instructor Pilots (IPs) that will help you with your training.

Additionally, it is also important that cadets have AT LEAST 6 months of experience in the Lock On multilayer environment and are quite adapt in their understanding on how things work. This ranges from utilizing basic communication tools such as Team Speak, to the actual knowledge of basic aircraft operations. This IS a requirement due to the difficult nature of our training program.

For your own sake, we also recommend you to have TrackIR and some kind of HOTAS configuration. Though this is NOT a requirement, it will help considerably in your training, as there will be a significant amount of close formation flying.

We currently have pilots from many different timezones. Note however that most of the flying occurs from 1800GMT+ and later, as it seems to be the best suitable time we found so far.

With that in mind, this is an international squad and the official language used for all operations is ENGLISH. It is essential to have fluent ability to communicate in English, otherwise there will be little or no chance of making through the training program.

If you feel unsure of anything or just want to checkout what kind of people we are, join our Team Speak and fly with us.

S! And see you in the blue!